Japan Environmental Exchange

For J.E.E. members - Announcement about Internet publishing of J.E.E. Newsletter

Thank you for subscribing to our J.E.E. newsletter for a long time.
Recently we have been posting the schedule and reports of events, but unfortunately we cannot include additional material as easily as before.
Recently many people have been looking at JEE's website, and the paper-based newsletter has become less important. So, for people who can access Internet, we would like to change to publishing the newsletter via Internet. This will save resources such as paper, printing ink, envelopes, etc. We would appreciate your cooperation.
If you wish to receive the newsletter via Internet, please access JEE's home page and click on the link to provide your name and e-mail address. We will keep your private details strictly confidential.
Of course, if you prefer paper, or do not use internet, we will continue to provide a paper version.
Thank you very much for your cooperation. (From the J.E.E. secretariat).

Those who can cooperate in changing to Internet distribution, please fill out this form and send it.