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<2021 J.E.E. Bilingual Eco-Calendar>
30th anniversary sayonara edition
"Let's Plant Seeds of Hope" NOW ON SALE!

Thank you for using the J.E.E. Eco-Calendar every year. Next year's theme is "Let's plant seeds of hope." Although the world is currently dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, we want to express our desire to plant seeds, continuing to promote environmental protection activities such as prevention of global warming and stopping nuclear power generation.
The artwork is by Mr. High Moon (Hiroshi Takatsuki), who has been illustrating the Eco-Calendar for 30 years, since production began. He is the Director of Kyoto’s Miyako Ecology Center and emeritus professor, Kyoto University.
The calendar’s bilingual text (in Japanese and English) makes it a useful study tool. Environmental anniversaries and phases of the moon are shown. Also included is a 30-year list of our calendars, a mini calendar, and complimentary eco-postcards. Please share with people who are close to you.
We look forward to receiving your order! This is our last calendar – we thank you for your long-time support!

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What is J.E.E. ?

J.E.E. stands for Japan Environmental Exchange. It is a citizens' non-profit organization dedicated to environmental education. J.E.E. disseminates information on environmental issues and carries out international exchanges between people working for the environment. In addition to publishing our annual Eco-Calendar, J.E.E. also publishes and distributes High Moon's GOMIC, eco-cartoon book series, as well as his book of essays and cartoons about the environment, Picturecology.
We also put out a monthly information sheet, hold Green English classes and discussions, perform an original environmental puppet theater that stars the "Eco-neko".
J.E.E. carries a range of environmentally- friendly goods such as chopstick pouches, fair trade handicrafts, and T-shirts and cloth shopping bags with delightful illustrations by High Moon on them. Please consider becoming a member or making a purchase to support our activities!

One year membership fees

2,000yen (Regular membership)
4,500yen (Group/Organization membership)

Fee made payable to postal transfer account: 01090-9-16846 (Account name: J.E.E.)

Current Activities and Projects


High Moon Studio Gallery

Environmental Booklets - Free!
"How to Reduce Waste, Recycle and Dispose of Garbage in Kyoto City"

Original Eco-Goods
(List of postcards & greeting cards)

1000 PEACE women: a touring exhibition

Report on the 40th Anniversary Gala of Public Citizen


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Announcement about Internet publishing of J.E.E. Newsletter


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Japan Environmental Exchange
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TEL&FAX: 075-417-3417
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J.E.E. Kanto office

67 Shoji Fujikawaguchiko-machi , minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi-ken Japan 401-0200
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