Japan Environmental Exchange

To finish JEE's activities

(1) Call for manuscripts for "The memories of J.E.E." !

We are planning to publish a small booklet titled “The memory of 34 years of J.E.E.”.
So we will be happy if you write a short essay and send it to us to share your beautiful recollections. (Up to 400 characters in Japanese / deadline will be the end of July)

(2) "Cartoon GOMIC" Part 1-7 NOW ON SALE!

(with bargain 10% reduced price/ free postage)
Created by High Moon (pub. JEE)
Part1 ¥900 → ¥810 Part2-7 ¥1000 → ¥900
Environmental commentary and satire, single-panel style, in English.

(3) What will happen to J.E.E. Office? Your ideas wanted!

It looks like the end of this COViD-19 pandemic is still far away. We hope you are all well!
J.E.E. will cease its activities at the end of September. But we decided to remain active as J.E.E. KYOTO, keeping the name alive locally. So we will carry on limited activities like garbage collection, puppet shows and renting out the original Eco Calendar drawings. Our office will remain as it is, providing a useful space will be for exhibiting drawings, prints and books. It would be nice if people come freely and spend time here learning about environmental issues.

So far we have sorted out the office equipments, and hanging up 30 front pages of Eco Calendars in colorful frames on the wall to decorate the interior.

The wall opposite is used to exhibit the original drawings of Eco Calendars and ceramic plates created by High Moon. We hope this space will give people a nice opportunity to learn about environmental issues. Your ideas are welcome! Please come and visit us when this pandemic is over.