Japan Environmental Exchange

2021 J.E.E. Exchange meeting report

The 2021 exchange meeting was held on February 7th. Despite the coronavirus situation, 10 members participated.
The 2020 activity report was shown onscreen, and the accounting report was approved.
If you were unable to attend, we can send these by post.

The most important agenda item concerned finishing up the activities of J.E.E.at the end of September. Everyone agreed to this.
Until October we will continue lending the "2021 Environmental Calendar Original Drawing Exhibition" and the monthly clean-up on Shimei-dori.
The Earth Day Hike has been unavoidably canceled due to coronavirus. The puppet show "Eco-Neko-za" also can’t perform publicly, but if possible we would like to make it available by video someday.
As J.E.E., we can't do the same activities as before, but we want to make use of Mr. High Moon's manga to teach about environmental problems if possible. For that purpose, we propose to utilize the J.E.E. office as a gallery.

In the meeting we discussed 30 years of hard work producing the J.E.E. Eco-calendar, the various themes that participants liked and details of the printing process.

Mr. Tadasu explained how he had to come up with a variety of colors from only four base colors. The best-selling issue, for 2005, "Endangered Species: Can We Coexist Forever?" was reprinted twice.

Serge of J.E.E. US, his wife Mayumi, and daughter Mai contacted us by ZOOM and we were able to talk.
"Congratulations on producing the calendar for 30 years. Congratulations to J.E.E. Kyoto. The US has not done anything so far, but from now on, the members will connect with each other on the Internet and want to do something together with Kyoto and Kanto. We want to do more educational activities using High Moon’s manga."
We replied, "Please use Facebook or Instagram to interact easily with each other."
The address for J.E.E.US is <sergeg2011@gmail.com>.

I was able to meet the members and the US members for the first time in a long time.
It was a very meaningful exchange meeting. Thank you very much. (Secretariat)