Japan Environmental Exchange

Humanity is in a time of trail

We don't have any technical expertise on the new coronavirus, but I feel that the coronavirus is linked to environmental problems. I think that this is an opportunity for humans to understand better how we overuse the earth's resources, destroying the natural world to make our lives more convenient as a matter of course, and to take a fresh look at how to live after the coronavirus. Now is the time for J.E.E. to carry out our aims: "Let's change our lifestyle!"

What do we need to keep in mind about the coronavirus?

・ Hand washing with soap ・ Maintaining physical strength and immunity ・ Expressing empathy and appreciation, saying "How are you?" to friends by phone or email ・ Avoid events that attract a lot of people ・ Let's stay at home as much as possible for a while. Find fun things you didn't even notice in your house.・ Don't worry about the coronavirus, but let's think about the future of society so that we will not be overwhelmed by this and forget important things.
We sincerely hope that we can meet you soon!

"The earth is in a tough situation due to infection problems in addition to environmental problems."
"Author's Note: Humanity is in a time of trial"

"Image: High Moon" (Reprinted from High Moon Kobo Gallery) https://highmoonkobo.net/