Japan Environmental Exchange

Farewell Messages for J.E.E. Environmental Calendar 2021

  • I have spent many years being guided by you happily with wonderful pictures.
  • A useful guide for everyday life. I will cherish it day by day next year.
  • I wrote down my family schedule every day, and it was very convenient and very helpful.
  • Looking at the calendar every day, made me think that I should improve my life by making a better environment.
  • Mr. High Moon's paintings were kind, enjoyable, and entertaining.
  • I learned both environmental issues and English.
  • I'm studying English, so I learned a lot about how to express it.
  • The picture postcard was used to communicate the activities of our NPO, and it was well received * Postcards will be distributed to all participants at the "Beach Cleanup 25th Anniversary".
  • I'm deeply impressed by the illustrations and messages, so I want to make use of them in my daily life.
  • I have kept all calendars since 20 years ago. I will also keep the last calendar.
  • The last calendar will be used with special care.
  • I don't throw away old calendars, I recycle them into envelopes for fun use.
  • I have kept every calendar purchased since the first issue as my own historical record.
  • A lot of prayers and wishes, love and light filled my heart; I thought about these 30 years and cried. Thank you very much!
  • Looking at the covers for 30 years, all of them are filled with wonderful and inspirational gentle themes, which is incredible. I was happy to see the final issue ended with positive words.
  • It's a pity that this is the last time this year. Could you somehow continue?
  • I will be lonely if we say goodbye this year, so I want to stay connected with JEE in some way.
  • Thank you very much to Mr. High Moon and all the staff for all your efforts!

Here, I have selected some messages, about how people enjoy the calendar and use it for study. I am very happy that it was useful in everyone's daily life. Did our modest calendar have some impact on solving environmental problems? Was it really effective? The theme this time, "Seeds of Hope," has been sown in everyone's hearts, and one day, the flowers will bloom and the fruits will come out, I hope. Thank you for your support for a long time. Thank you so much!