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30th anniversary sayonara edition

2021 J.E.E. Bilingual Eco-Calendar Now On Sale!
~Let's Plant Seeds of Hope~

Image of the calender

Thank you for using the J.E.E. Eco-Calendar every year. Next year's theme is "Let's plant seeds of hope." Although the world is currently dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, we want to express our desire to plant seeds, continuing to promote environmental protection activities such as prevention of global warming and stopping nuclear power generation.
The artwork is by Mr. High Moon (Hiroshi Takatsuki), who has been illustrating the Eco-Calendar for 30 years, since production began. He is the Director of Kyoto’s Miyako Ecology Center and emeritus professor, Kyoto University.
The calendar’s bilingual text (in Japanese and English) makes it a useful study tool. Environmental anniversaries and phases of the moon are shown. Also included is a 30-year list of our calendars, a mini calendar, and complimentary eco-postcards. Please share with people who are close to you.
We look forward to receiving your order! This is our last calendar – we thank you for your long-time support!

Further details: A4 size closed (A3 hanging on wall); 28 pages, printed on environmentally-friendly paper in full color with UV ink using natural wind power, biomass and solar energy; price: ¥1000 including tax (with 10% discount on 10 copies or more, 20% on 50 copies or more) – postage not included.

To order: Please send a postcard, fax or e-mail to J.E.E., writing clearly your name, phone number, address, and the number of copies that you wish to receive. J.E.E. will include the bill for your order, and you can pay by postal transfer (yubin furikomi).

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Japan Environment Exchange (J.E.E.)

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Tel/Fax: 075-417-3417
Email: info@jeeeco.org

<Thank you so much for 30 years>

  • In 30 years a generation is renewed. A baby is born, says its first words, learns to walk, studies at school, starts working, and as an adult, creates the next new generation.

  • That is how long we have been making J.E.E. environmental calendars.

  • At least in Kyoto City, the amount of household waste has decreased, and smoking has been banned in public places. Nowadays, plastic shopping bags are not handed out for free, and we make better use of natural energy. The words "climate disaster" have appeared in the White Paper on the environment.

  • However, CO2 emissions continue to increase, plastic trash is scattered widely in the sea, and use of nuclear power plants is mostly continuing even after the disaster in Tohoku. Global warming is accelerating, and heavy rains and powerful typhoons seem to strike every year.

  • Has our modest calendar had any positive influence on how things have changed? Did we push hard enough? The answers are “blowing in the wind.”

  • With this environmental calendar for 2021, J.E.E. will stop publishing after 30 years. It has been mostly a one-way communication process, but we have been really happy to get to know our readers through this calendar.

  • We chose “hope” as our final theme. As our farewell, characters who have appeared in the calendar during this short history will plant twelve "Seeds of Hope" in your heart. Please enjoy Mr. High Moon's illustrations!

  • We share keywords on the calendar’s pages with you in the hope that, in future, our seeds of hope will bloom and bear fruit, beyond the rainbow.
    Thank you very much for your support!