Japan Environmental Exchange

J.E.E. Earth Day Hike

Emily Price

English Exchange Student and hiking enthusiast
The annual Earth Day Hike was a brilliant success this year, with many people of different nationalities coming together to climb Mt.Daigo. At around 10AM we set off on the route, a moderate hike, which was about 3.5 km to the top. On the way up Ken often stopped to provide some information about the history of various objects and shrines we passed, which was great for non-Japanese speakers like myself. When we reached the peak we sat down for lunch under a beautiful cherry blossom tree and everyone shared parts of their lunch, so we got to try many different types of homemade Japanese cuisine. We were also lucky enough to take part in an informal Japanese tea ceremony, which was incredibly relaxing after the long hike to the top. On the way down we stopped off at a shrine and got to try fresh spring water from the mountain which was incredibly refreshing. It was a great day of hiking and a brilliant opportunity to meet lots of interesting people. I hope I will be able to attend again next year.