Japan Environmental Exchange

Event Information

JEE 2017 General Meeting

Date & Time: February 5th (Sun) 1:30pm ~ 4:30pm
Place: J.E.E. office (5 minutes walk in south from the exit No. 3 at Kitaoji subway station) Please give me a call in case you get lost, we'll come and pick you up. tel. 090-1676-0383
Topic: 2016 activity and accounting report
Special Talk: by Ms. Motoko Kawasaki
"Beach Clean up at Aji (Takamatsu)
* After the meeting, we will have a tofu & Sanuki udon pot party. Please join us.
* 2017 J.E.E. Eco-calendar original paintings will be showing from Feb. 1st through Feb. 7th. Please enjoy their bright and beautiful color that only the original ones have!

J.E.E Earth Day Hike: Sunday April 23, 2017

This year's Earth Day Hike will be in Uji, south of Kyoto.
Destination: We will climb Mt Butoku (also known as Daikichi-yama, 131m) and nearby Asahi-yama (126m): a very easy climb, walking perhaps 5km.
On the way we will pass through Ujigami Shrine (a World Heritage site), from the top we will see the view of Uji River and Byodo-in, and on the way down, we will pass Koshoji, a Zen temple. After the hike we may have time to visit Byodo-in, which dates all the way back to the Heian period (it's on the back of the 10 yen coin) and its famous wisteria vine, and excellent museum.

Meeting point: Demcahi-yanagi Keihan station, near ticket machines (downstairs, Keihan line). We plan to meet at 9:50 and take the train at 10:10.
We will change trains at Chushojima for the Keihan Uji line to Keihan-Uji Station, arriving 10:47.
Return transportation cost; 780 yen
Byodo-in admission: 600 yen (if we have time, and if people want to visit)

Things to bring: Lunch, drink, and a bag for trail clean-up
Raincheck: If light rain, OK; cancelled if heavy rain
Contacts: Yuri (in Japanese): 090 9988 4857 Ken (in English): 090 6679 7129
Earth Day Hike donation (to JEE for environmental activities): 500 yen