Japan Environmental Exchange

My First Litter Clean-up

Yuki Chichiishi
Staff member, Hinodeya Institute for Ecological Life

Hello, my name is Yuki Chichishi. I finally became a JEE member in July, though my connection with the JEE started back in 1995.

I participated in the litter clean-up along Shimei St. the other day for the first time. Twelve students from various universities joined us. I was very impressed to see so many students voluntarily undertaking this work on a Saturday morning. I was further impressed to hear that some of the students were taking classes at their universities on the theory of volunteer work, and had decided on their own initiative to get some practical experience.
I normally spend long hours at work sitting in front of the computer, communicating with people mostly through the Internet. It was therefore a great pleasure to speak directly to young people with the desire to actually do something for society and contribute to the community. Spending time with these students gave me hope for the future and left me feeling revitalized.

The litter clean-up work itself was also quite interesting. I was assigned to the wide central divider of the street, which is like a park. Doing this work felt like playing the “Nature Game," where one has to distinguish between natural things and artificial things. It was very enjoyable, and I would like to do it again!

In conclusion, I would like to express my respect and admiration for the JEE, which for thirty long years has dedicated itself to helping solve the litter problem. I truly look forward to working with the JEE from now on as a member. Thank you!