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What is "Ecological Footprint?"

Marlous Verbugt - Exchange student from Holland studying of Kyoto Seika University

It is the area of land and water which continuously produce and reproduce what we need for our living in a year. Humanity's Ecological Footprint (EF) is now 2.8 gha (global-hectare) per person. This is more than the Biocapacity of the Earth (regenerative capacity) which turns out to be 1.7 gha per person (2012 data). That means that we need 1.6 times the Earth in order to continue our current consumptive life-style. Even worse, the Japanese EF per person is now 5.0 gha. This means that if everybody on the Earth lived the life style of the Japanese, we would need 2.9 Earth-like planets!! This overuse of the Biocapacity of the Earth causes serious problems such as climate change, extinction of species and disappearing of forests and so on. Now it is time for us to use our wisdom and mobilize our courage to stop this overshoot, no matter what it may take.☝ We, Ecological Footprint Japan (EFJ) think that we must change our life-style so that we can keep our Ecological Footprint below the limit of Earth's Biocapacity, appreciating the endless-giving-love of the Earth, not hurting Her anymore. Otherwise, She will die even faster.「1Day-1Eco」,「Vegee Monday」,[Reducing Waste],,,,Please visit our HP and enjoy “Personal EF-QUIZ",,,Let us keep on changing for our sustainable future!!!
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EFJ Executive Director Disaro' Mizuki