Japan Environmental Exchange

Earth Day Hike

Marlous Verbugt - Exchange student from Holland studying of Kyoto Seika University

It was a joy to walk the track over the hill and see all the shrines, temples and the bamboo forest. It was the very first time I saw bamboo filtering the light in such a picturesque way. The bamboo sprout felt like baby sealskin (quoting Antara). Lunch with the super-fresh and spring green matcha was just divine. It was great seeing all the bentos everyone brought wrapped in all these colorful cloths (furoshiki). During my stay here in Japan I'm trying to refuse as much single-use items (chopsticks, cans, bags, flyers etc.) as possible and reuse the things I buy. My aim is to be more conscious about the waste I make and hope that I can slightly reduce my carbon footprint here on Planet Earth. With the 26(!) different categories for recycling, Japan is definitely facilitating in recycling my waste. Thanks everyone for the lovely Sunday hike!