Japan Environmental Exchange

J.E.E. general meeting report

J.E.E. general meeting was held at J.E.E. office on Feb. 7th (Sun), 2016.
The attendants were 9 people from the 40 members.
The 2015 activities report and financial report were done.
As for this year's activities, we'll continue all of the usual activities, and a new activity, 'Haiku in English' will start.
At the tea time, we had Wagashi sweets, which a member made, with enjoying the ingredients guessing game.
High Moon gave us a special talk, 'For 25 years with J.E.E. Eco-calendars'.
The calendars of the 25 years were showed on power point.
He described each calendar's artwork techniques (drawing, painting, wood block print´ŻĄpaper cutting etc.) and some difficult points in production that he struggled with.
We've realized and got impressed with his tireless efforts on the work.

After the talk, we had a Tofu nabe party.
One avid fan of High Moon, who came from Tokyo just to see him, has decided to become a J.E.E. member that day.
And her friend, who is a professor on environmental issues, attended the meeting and also has joined J.E.E..
Certainly J. E..E. would be more lively and cheerful this year!