Japan Environmental Exchange

J.E.E. Eco-Calendar 2017
-- Life with Water --

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    Two years ago we asked "What's Green?" And for last year's calendar we asked "Where does Green come from?" The answer was "Light," and we explored 12 aspects of its vital importance.

  • Continuing to think about what's essential to life, for our 2017 Eco-calendar we decided to focus on Water.

  • Water is the origin of life and the basis of the earth's ecosystems. If you could see the Earth from space, you would see more ocean than land. Why don't we call our planet "Water" - not "Earth"?

  • The sound of running water, such as the murmur of a small stream, helps us to relax, physically and spiritually. Water is vital in daily life - we can't live without it. We are born from water, we play with water, and it's connected with work and even prayer.

  • Looking for connections between water and our existence, we created a kind of life-story.

  • •We're happy to share the pictures in this year's calendar, painted as usual by Mr. High Moon, who has been the calendar's artist for over 25 years, and whose work is becoming even sharper in its details.

  • This calendar is bilingual. We hope that it is useful for language learning.

  • As usual we include environment-related dates. This year we have added the "International Day of Non-Violence" (Oct. 2).

  • From last year we showed the average hours of daylight for each month, and 24 seasonal turning-points during the year. Please enjoy!

  • Artwork: High Moon (Hiroshi Takatsuki), member of the Japan Manga Association, Director of Kyoto's Miyako Ecology Center and emeritus professor, Kyoto University.

  • Production: High Moon, Maura Hurley, Ken Rodgers & Yuri Egashira, Hikaru Furutaka & Amanda Gillis-Furutaka, Hiromi Yamagami, Emi Hirayama, Momoyo Nishimura, Nobuki Takabayashi, Motoki Takabayashi, Noriko Takemura, Kayoko Yoshimura and Kyoko Hosoki.