Japan Environmental Exchange

"Earth Parade 2015," supporting COP21

By Yuri Egashira

On November 29 (Sunday) I joined more than 500 people at Maruyama Park in Kyoto, to participate in the "Earth Parade 2015" to City Hall. In speeches before the walk, a Tuvalu resident reported on how his island is endangered by the rising sea level caused by global warming, and an elementary school student expressed his hope that nature will remain beautiful during his adult years.
Global warming is said to be "caused by human factors" and Greenland's ice is melting even now. Excessive CO2 emissions are causing rising sea levels, abnormal weather events, damage to agriculture, desertification, food crises, and other impacts on the ecosystem.
At the COP21 meeting in Paris, instead of conflict between developed and developing countries, I hope that serious solutions will be reached for global warming. I want to learn more about ecology, and how to minimize CO2 emissions.