Japan Environmental Exchange

JEE 2015 General Meeting

This year's J.E.E. General meeting was held at the JEE office on Feb.1st (Sun).
10 people including a person who attended the meeting first time gathered.
We looked back our activities in 2014, using Power Point,
Then got a little surprised at so many activities we did.
As for the activities, please look over the handouts included.
Also the approval for the financial report was done.
As the pay for the person in charge at the office hadn't been reconsidered for a long time, from this year a small amount of raise has been decided.
We planned "Earth day Hike" in April as one of this year's activities.
Anju Yonekawa,. who is a graduate student and has just started Honey Renaissance, Ltd. Gave us a talk, "Honey make our bright future!"
Her lecture was interesting and taught us a lot of things.
We tasted and compared the four kids of honey, mainly made in Nepal,
Learned the different colors and tastes of honey depend on the kinds of flowers.
After the lecture, we had a peaceful & enjoyable afternoon with the honey-pudding,
Korean style pressed honey cookies etc. that a J.E.E. member made.