Japan Environmental Exchange

Garbage disposal sites and compost making tour with Lisa

Hiromi Yamagami

In June, we invited Lisa Bjerke (a friend of Maura in India) from America to JEE office. She was born in Sweden, is very smart and active student , now travelling around the world researching environmental issues and waste.
Mrs.Hosoki and I took her to Hokubu Clean Center and Eco-land Otowanomori. At Hokubu Clean Center, we saw lots of waste brought to the incineration plant, separated according to type and incinerated. We realized the importance of reducing waste. At Eco-land Otowanomori, we saw lots of ash brought from incineration plants and knew that the reclaimed ground would be filled to capacity in ten years or so.
We also went to a village in Ohara where the people were making compost from waste and visited an elementary school where the students were growing vegetables using compost from the remains of a meal. Lisa was very curious about the compost cheking the texture and smell. She already left Japan and is still travelling other countries.
We are wondering if she found some better ideas to solve the problems of waste during her travel. We are looking forward to her report.

Eco-land Otowanomori