Japan Environmental Exchange

J.E.E. 2014 General Meeting Report

2014 J.E.E. general meeting was held on Feb. 2nd (Sun).
It was a very cold day, but 10 members gathered and sat around the Hibachi brazier.
The approval for the both financial and activity report 2013 was done.
We had the lecture "Let's try measuring power consumption of home electric appliances! "by Yamami Hiraku-san from Hinodeya eco-life institute. His lecture was informative with his kind and plain explanation. As this issue is quite immediate to us, we all listened closely. Using a watt-checker he showed how to measure power consumption of the fridge, hair-drier, teapot, vacuum cleaner and so on. It was convincing! Yamami-san says, "Please keep in mind that there are alternative ways always, you can clean the rooms with a broom and damp cloth!"
His words remind us of the important point, we are likely to forget it!.
After the lecture, we had a tofu-pot party including a small baby, who is the 2nd generation of J.E.E.. It was an enjoyable evening!
The financila report is included.