Japan Environmental Exchange

The Earth Day Hike 2013

Hiromi Kato

I attended the Earth Day Hike on 28th April.
It is one of the annual events I look forward every year.
We hiked from Arashiyama to Kiyotaki via Ochiai, through the bamboo grove and along a stream.
As always, it was a really fun hike.
Because it was a week later than usual, there was no chance to see Sakura at all, but it was so refreshing with fresh young green every where.
We saw a lot of bamboo trees as we walked through Sagano area.
since bamboos are so common to us, I never noticed how old or young they are.
Thank to Takatsuki sensei and Kenny sensei, it was the first time I learnt how bamboo trees grow fast. And looking at crafts made out of bamboo sold at a souvenir shop I learnt how we Japanese have taken bamboo into our daily life.
And also it was good to meet with Salam-san a student from Palestine.
He told us about the Arabic language and letters, and about the Arabic numbers which is used in the world and it's origin. All were so interesting!
By meeting new people, we can learn more things, and the world within us is getting wider and larger. It is really a great thing.
Walking along a stream of clear water in the refreshing green shade, listening bird-like Kajika frog's singing. It was a beautiful day. Thank you so much every one I met at the hike. I am already looking forward to meeting you all next year.

we had a picnic lunch by the stream.
A monkey having lunch in the forest
picture of monky