Japan Environmental Exchange

JEE 2013 General Meeting

This year's JEE general meeting was held on Feb. 3rd (Sun).

Mr. High Moon, who has been painting lovely pictures for JEE Eco-calendars since its biginning and he is also our good friend and a special member of JEE, gave us a talk on his manga life with some slides.
This was the very first time that Mr. High Moon had a talk at the meeting.

His talk started with his childhood, he dreamed of being a cartoonist from an early age. Then when he was at the university, he self-published some comic books. His masterpiece, satiric cartoon, 'GOMIC' has been serialized in 'Monthly Haikibutsu' for 31 years!

'Good ideas for the manga come into my mind quickly and easily, when the big social problems have happened', he says, 'While it sometimes takes a few days to come up with them' He left the university last year, and has settled down 'High Moon' atelier in Kamigamo, his life has got busier and busier again with making artworks and enlightening people on eco-activities.

15 people joined the meeting including some new members and fans of Mr. High Moon. We really had a good time.

The approval for the financial and activity report was done.

Please have look at another sheet for the financial report.