Japan Environmental Exchange

J.E.E. Eco-Calendar 2014
-- A Haiku Journey with Eco-neko on the Narrow Green Road --

calender imageThank you for your interest in the annually-produced Japan Environmental Exchange Eco-calendar. Our 2014 edition's theme is "A Haiku Journey with Eco-neko on the Narrow Green Road."

Its colorful illustrations were, as usual, drawn by well-known environmental cartoonist High Moon (Takatsuki Hiroshi, Director of Kyoto's Miyako Ecology Center, and professor emeritus of Kyoto University).

This year's calendar was inspired by JEE's popular character, the Eco-neko. It documents his travels all around Japan toinvestigate important centers of environmental activities, and records the haiku he wrote at each place he visited.

Its bilingual text makes it a useful study tool, and an attractive Christmas gift for friends.
Together with the calendar, as usual, you will receive complimentary eco-postcards and a mini-calendar, as a special present!

We look forward to receiving your order!

Further details: A4 size closed (A3 hanging on wall); 28 pages, printed in full color with vegetable ink using natural wind power and solar energy; price: 900yen including tax (with 10% discount on 10 copies or more, 20% on 50 copies or more) – postage not included. (Postage for 1-3 copies, 80yen; from 4-6 copies, 160yen).

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  • Together with the calendar,
    You can receive eco-postcard
    and mini-calendar, as a special present