Japan Environmental Exchange

Event Information

JEE Shimei Street Cleanup

Mar.3 (Sat.) 10:00- 11:00am
Apr. 7 (Sat.) 10:00- 11:00am
Meet at the SW corner of Karasuma and Shimei-dori (in front of KYOTO-Byoin)
info. 090-1676-0383, 075-451-6700

Let's celebrate Earth Day!

This year, we'll go on a hike to Hiei-zan/Mt. Hiei, where will be full of fresh green!
Mr. High Moon will guide you as always. Please join us!

Date: April 29th (Sun) (In case of heavy rain, it will be cancelled)
Place to go: Hiei-zan/Mt. Hiei
Meeting time : at 10:00am
Meeting place : at Ei-den Demachiyanagi station (We'll take the train at 10:15am)
Course: Demachiyanagi --> Shugakuin by Ei-den
Shugakuin --> Kirarazaka --> top of Hiei-zan
after lunch time break, we will go down the mountain,
passing the front of the grave of Kino Tsurayuki up to Sakamoto on foot
Sakamoto --> Keihan Sanjo station by Keihan, will reach there around 4:00pm (It will be around 4 hours' walk in total)
Transportation fare: around 750yen
Things to bring : water bottle, (boxed)lunch, rain wear and plastic bag (to clean up)
Contact : 090-1676-0383 (Kyoko Hosoki)