Japan Environmental Exchange

J.E.E. Eco-Calendar 2012
-- 12 Key Concepts to Open Up a New Green World --

  • Calender image

    Please enjoy the 12 pastel pictures by High Moon's.

  • Beginning with imagining possibilities, taking personal action, connecting with other people
    - and digging ground, planting seeds, creating a greener world.

  • Our calendar has the environmental messages.

  • This calendar is bilingual.

  • The phases of the moon are shown Moon symbols

  • To open up a new green world, based on new values, we all need to change our lifestyle!

Artwork: High Moon (Hiroshi Takatsuki), member of the Japan Manga Association, Director of Kyoto's Miyako Ecology Center and emeritus professor, Kyoto University.

Production: High Moon, Maura Hurley, Ken Rodgers & Yuri Egashira, Hikaru Furutaka & Amanda Gillis-Furutaka, Kayoko Nakamura, Hiromi Yamagami, Nobuki Takabayashi, Emi Hirayama, Noriko Takemura and Kyoko Hosoki.

Together with the calendar, you can receive 2 complimentary eco-postcards and mini-calendar, as a special present!
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