Japan Environmental Exchange

J.E.E. general meeting report

J.E.E. general meeting was held at J.E.E. office on Feb. 7th (Sun).
The attendants were 12 people.
The activity report and financial report were done.

We discussed this year's activity; we'll continue all of our usual activities, and this year J.E.E. eco-calendar will have the 20th anniversary of its publication.
We hope to hold an anniversary event to celebrate it.

After the report, Yuko Makino gave us a talk. She introduced her way of slow life; the way of taking a bath, washing clothes without soap.  How to make aprons using old shirts, hand-knitted skirt (she calls this 'zabuton skirt') using used knitting wool,  caps & gloves using old sweater's sleeves and so on.  We all got impressed at her unique ideas for the sustainable life.

Then she introduced her way of health-care and gave a demonstration of the massage.  The attendants asked her the questions on it, also we exchanged the ideas of our own eco-life styles each other.

The enjoyable time flies so fast. Although the meeting finished at 4:30pm, but some people continued having a lovely talk till around 6:00pm.
We had a very good get-together, that is just once a year.