Japan Environmental Exchange

Event Information

JEE Clean Up Our Greenbelt

April.4 (Sat.) 10:00- 11:00am
May. 2 (Sat.)
Meet at the SW corner of Karasuma and Shimei-dori (in front of Shakai Hoken _KYOTO-Byoin) WELCOME!
info. 090-1676-0383

Environmental MANGA Exhibition by High Moon

April 4 (Sat.) - 5 (Sun.) noon - 6pm (admission free)
UZURA Gallery (Sanjo Teramachi Nishiiru, Kyoto)
Phone 070-5500-1011 http://sound.jp/uzura/
We'll show you;

  • Environmental Manga for Eco Calendar 2009 by Mr. High Moon
  • Book on glocal workers "1000 Peace Women Across the Globe"
  • Fair trade goods; Indian embroidery chopstick case
  • Picture story show "Eco Neko's MY BAG" (from 1 pm & 3 pm)

more info. jee@jca.apc.org 090-1676-0383

Let's celebrate Earth Day !

Date: April 19 (Sun.) Place: Kumogahata (North of Kyoto)
Just a little rain, we will go ahead.
Our noble leader, Mr. High Moon will take us again on another wonderful hike.
meeting time and place:10:00am at Eiden Demachiyanagi Station
The course: Demachiyanagi -> Ninose -> Yonakitoge -> Oiwa -> Kamigamo-Shrine
* We will take a train to Ninose and hike through Oiwa.
The hiking ends at Kamigamo-Shrine at 3:30pm.
Fee: 500yen (a donation for JEE activities) + 370yen ( for a train to Ninose)
Please bring your lunch & tea in a reusable container. Call for more: Kyoko 090 1676 0383

JEE Office Meeting

April 1, 15(wed) 3-4pm
at JEE Main office


May 2(Sat.), 3 (Sun) (1)13:30- (2)15:00-
at Miyako Ecology center
(Kyoto 075-641-0911)
Come enjoy the Eco-Neko puppet show
Info: Kyoko 075-417-3417