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J.E.E. Eco Calendar 2009
-- From Owning to Sharing --


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    This is J.E.E.'s 18th Eco-calendar. This year's theme is "From Owning to Sharing." The time of acquiring and owning material possessions individually is passing. Now, with greater awareness of the limits of the Earth's natural resources, it is vital that we think in terms of sharing, not owning. In this calendar we examine how to apply two vital concepts for everyday life: Reduce, and Reuse.
  • The illustrations for this calendar are original works created especially by one of the founding members of J.E.E., our good friend "High Moon." He hopes you will laugh at his unique and unusual eco-drawings!
  • As a special feature of this calendar, we introduce the 12 animals of the Japanese zodiac, starting with this year's -- 2009 is the "Year of the Ox."
    We hope that you find these pictures amusing, and a helpful reminder of ecological principles in daily life.
  • Unlike ordinary calendars, this eco-calendar shows the dates of important environmental events as a reminder to stop and think about these vital issues. On October 16th, we have added World Food Day. We must not forget that many people in the world suffer from starvation and malnutrition.
  • This calendar is bilingual. We hope that it is a useful aid in language learning.
  • The phases of the moon are shown with these symbols: moon symbols. Please take time to look at the stars.
  • Global warming is increasing due to CO2. Let's try to reduce our output of CO2 in daily life by changing our lifestyle.

Artwork: Dr. Hiroshi Takatsuki (the environmental cartoonist "High Moon," professor at Ishikawa Prefectural University's Institute of Bio-resources Engineering)

Production: Members of Japan Environmental Exchange (J.E.E)

Further details: A4 size closed (A3 hanging on wall); 28 pages, printed on recycled paper in full color with soy ink using natural wind power; price: 900yen including tax (with 10% discount on 10 copies or more, 20% on 50 or more) - postage not included.
To order, please send a postcard, fax or e-mail to J.E.E. writing clearly your name, phone number, address, and the number of copies that you wish to receive. J.E.E. will include the bill for your order, and you can pay by postal transfer (yubin furikomi).