Japan Environmental Exchange

Event Information

JEE General Meeting

Feb. 3rd (Sun) 13:00---16:00 At the JEE main office (Kyoto)

Activity report in 2007, Financial report in 2007, Plans for 2008, Others Lecture on "Noh" play by Toju Takabayashi
He will talk about "Noh" play and show us the "Noh" fans.
Also he will give us a small lesson of "Noh" vocals, "Utai" in Japanese.
We'll be able to try it.
We'll have matcha, (Japanese powdered green tea)
Japanese (or any ) sweets for tea are welcome!
We hope you'll all try to be present at this special meeting.
And please bring some friends along, too.
More info : tel 075-417-3417, info@jeeeco.org