Japan Environmental Exchange

Event Report

The Report from JEE Clean up Green Belt on April 15th (Sat.)

On this day, we collected 10 bags of trash and three umbrellas. Eight people came for the clean up and most them were volunteers and the staff from Kyoto City Kita Youth Action Center. (JEE members are off course always welcome!) After the clean up we exchanged our remarks. We all were unanimous to say, “We enjoyed it very much." or “ I did not know what to do at the beginning, but soon I learned how to and started picking up garbage bags hidden in bushes." etc.
After clean up, you are the one who feel better.

Report from High Moon's Original Paintings Exhibition and Manga Workshop

The gallery was decorated with 13 original drawings from JEE Eco- Calenders, 30 new year's cards and also three pieces of ceramic works. A lot of High Moon-sensei's fans : his old time friends from his school years; his colleagues; students in his seminar; and people from citizen's movements came to see his works.
On 7th (Sat.) at Manga Workshop by High Moon, nearly 20 people from grade school students to adults, participated. The Manga tittle was “Inconvenient Truth" as it is now well know as a book by Al Gore. Participants tried to express their hopes and ideas on environment into Manga. Especially one work by a grade school student impressed everyone there. It says, “Yellow sand makes us blind at the intersection. It is a generous share from China." This was the successful exhibition as we received a remark by participants such as “It is my first time ever to draw Manga in my life and it was such fun that this made me realize that I was not really seeing what it actually tells in Manga."

(transration by Noriko Takemura)