Japan Environmental Exchange

Event Information


Jun 4 (Sun) 10:00-11:00am

at JEE Office 100yen
Puppet Theater "Use paper sparingly"
Handicraft time : Let's make post card from recycled milk cartons.

Jun 17(Sat) 10::00~15:00

"Environmental Education in Suita" at Suita May Theater (Osaka)
tel. 06-6380-2221
Puppet show
(1)"Don't use so much paper!!"
(2)"Shut the fridge door!!"
*Many different groups will be at this event. It always lots of fun. Hope you come!

Office Meeting

Jun 7 , 21 (wed)3-4pm at the J.E.E. main office.
Please join us!
Tel: 075-417-3417

"Save the Earth!" Environmental cartoon Exhibition

JEE good friend High Moon, Machiko Satonaka , Tetsuya Chiba and many others famous cartoonists.
Date: Jun 6 (Tue)~25 (Sun) 9:00-4:30 Free
Place: Shinjyuku-gyoen Information Center Art Gallery.
more info:03-3356-7057