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1000 PEACE women: a touring exhibition

1000 peace women markThe 1000 women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005 project was initiated in Switzerland in 2003 with 1000 women from over 150 countries being nominated. Along with J.E.E.'s nominee,

  • Ms. Katsuko Nomura (an environmental activist in the consumers movement), the following six women were also nominated from Japan:
  • Ms. Kumiko Yokoi, peace song writer and singer.
  • Ms. Siin-Do Song , a self-termed “comfort woman" of the Japanese military during World War ll who has filed a lawsuit asking for an official apology and compensation from the Japanese government.
  • Ms. Yukika Souma, who founded the Association for Aid and Relief, the country's first non-government aid-relief organization; also leads the movement against landmines.
  • Ms. Yuki Ando, a picture book writer who introduced CAP (Child Abuse Prevention) programs in Japan; and established PEACE, a violence prevention training center for children.
  • Ms Suzuyo Takazato, the long-time women's activist who leads Okinawa Women against Military Violence.

It is disappointing to learn that this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner was not selected from our 1000 PeaceWomen but went instead to the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamed el Baradei.
In November 2005, a special book entitled, 1000 Peacewomen Across the Globe, was published along with a touring exhibition of a card set introducing all 1000 women as well as her important activities. Exhibitions have already taken place in Switzerland and New York.
It was suggested by J.E.E. members Andreas Knobel and his wife, who live in Switzerland, that to learn more about the activities of these important women and to inspire us all to progress on our own projects in the future, we should also plan to hold the exhibition here in Japan. We are currently working with them to do just that. A Japanese version of the same book will be published by the Asian Women's Center in Tokyo. Some J.E.E. members will also be cooperating with this translation project.
The Kyoto exhibition will be held sometime around the end of January 2007. To make this exhibition a true success, we are currently enlisting people who can help with advertising and various other preparations for the exhibition space. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated if you have an interest in this exciting project.

For more details, contact Ms. Kyoko Hosoki at: 075-417-3417 info@jeeeco.org

Go to the 1000 Women for Nobel Peace Prize site at http://www.1000peacewomen.org/