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1000 Peace Woman Logo"1000 Peace Women Across the Globe", Exhibition and Canference

Kanto:Yoshiyuki Sato

The Fifth International Conference on “Peace Global Language (PGL)" was held at Seisen University, Gotanda, Tokyo, Japan ,from September 22nd to 24th.
During the Conference, JEE, together with PGL, held an exhibition of "1000 Peace Women Across the Globe"
On the final day , 6 Japanese women who were each nominated as one of the 1000 Peace Women made a speech. Their names and activities are given below.

  • Yuki Ando : Child Abuse Prevention(CAP) and Peace Violence Prevention Training Center

  • Suzuyo Takazato : Okinawa Womens Act Against Military Violence

  • Kumiko Yokoi : Peace Activist and Singer songwriter

  • Shin-Do Song : The Association for the Rights of Korean "Comfort Women."
    Women's International War Crimes Tribunal for Sexual Slavery by Japan‘s military.
    (Represented by Yuko Sugiyama)

  • Yukika Sohma : Association for Aid and Relief for Refugees.
    (Represented by Fusako Yanase)

  • Katsuko Nomura : Livelihood Cooperative Association, Women's Occupational Association,
    Laborers' Families' Organization .

(Represented by Kyoko Hosoki)
Ms.Takazato and Ms.Yokoi came to the exhibition site and gave us a wonderful insight into their activities. Ms.Song, Ms.Souma and Ms.Nomura were not able to attend due to their old age. But they were represented by their agents.
Many thanks should be given to Ms.Baba (moderator & translator) and to Ms.Kikuchi (translation), and also to Ms.Kamimoto, Mr.Arisaka and members of JEE Kanto.
It was a shame that there were only about 30 people in the audience. But the college girls who did come seemed to listen with rapt attention. It feels extremely important to pass on information about grass roots Peace activities to this younger generation.
At the same time on the conference , there was a special display of photographs of the 1000 women nominated for the Noble Peace Prize, which was extremely well received.
We would really like to thank the brilliant work done by Ms.Hosoki and Ms.Nakado in
curating this show.
In the exhibition hall, the soundtrack of an English radio broadcast could be heard, along with commentary in German with a Japanese translation, which could be seen on a screen.
Even though this was the first time for this special exhibition, these were many offers of support from the conference participants to hold the exhibition at their university, in particular from Gifu, Tottori and Gunma.
I was very impressed by the meeting and the chance to talk directly with women who
act at a grass roots level for peace and for the prevention of violence. I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this event.