Japan Environmental Exchange

2007 J.E.E. Eco-Calendar is now on sale
& available for delivery from Oct. 20th.!

2007 calender photo

Our 2007 edition focuses on “Environment-Changing Japanese Expressions," with messages and additional information from J.E..E.. Its colorful illustrations were once again drawn by Hight Moon (Dr. Hiroshi Takatsuki.). This will be a very good Christmas gift for your family, friends and yourself! A4 size closed (A3 hanging on wall); 28 pages \900. To order, please send a postcard, fax or e-mail to J.E.E
[Japan Environmental Exchange]

34 Koyama Minami Kamifusa-cho,
Kita-ku, Kyoto Japan 603-8149
E-mail: info@jeeeco.org