Japan Environmental Exchange

J.E.E. General Meeting

Sunday February 5th (Sunday) 1:30-4:30 pm, at the JEE Office, Kyoto

Agenda: Reports on 2005 projects and High Moon's exhibition in England; discussion of JEE plans for activities in 2006.

Special guest: Abe Hiroe will talk and sing some of her peace songs. In addition to managing her own gallery in Kyoto, Abe Hiroe has been active for many years playing guitar and singing her songs all over Japan and overseas. She is a very dedicated woman with a long ongoing commitment to the peace movement.

Please bring a friend! JEE's General Meeting is open to the public, and we'd very much like to spread the word and get more people involved.

After the meeting, participants are invited to stay on for dinner - we will prepare yudofu, and potluck contributions will be welcome.